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Update while eating lunch. Yum.

After doing Pilates on the reformers with my bon maman for a little over an hour. I was really shaky all during our sesh. I think I had too much or too strong of coffee this morning. I don’t really think there is such a thing as too much coffee. :-D. Afterward, I ran around the hood and ended up at home. 9 miles in 64 minutes. Average pace: 7:11…LOVE THAT! What a FAB number. I really had no control over my legs today, they were just cruisin. Love and Hate that, as I am a control FReAKy.

Had a ton to drink when I got home, munched on romaine hearts and red bell pepper dipped in fat free sour cream/salsa/ranchy dip mixture. Lots of it. And ate a sugar free creamsicle. My brother was here visiting when I got home. I only see him once every couple of weeks, so I waited to make my real meal until after he left, as he wasn’t hungry to eat with me.

Flash photo better?

Flash photo better?

Or FlashLess Photo?

Or FlashLess Photo?

I made myself a bowl of veggies with shirataki noodles, sriracha, sugarfree bbq, and fat free ranch. Veg were: homegrown yellow squash, broccoli, spinach, field greens, and baby bella mushrooms. It was ohsotasty but my belly is now super full. I also had a homegrown tomato with bleu cheese salad dressing and a cup of lowfat cottage cheese. Nobody wants to see a photo of a bowl of cottage cheese, and the tomato came straight off the vine, into my drooling cakehole (or tomatohole, in this case).

One bowl…two shots. For your viewing pleasure, of course (claro que si!)

On to last night. The menu was different than the one that was online. BOOOO. I hate it when restaurants don’t update their sites. We sat outside, and it was a hot one folks. So I pretty much decided I wanted cold food. I’m not a sandwich lova, which left me with a couple of salad options. The one with the most veggies (julienned carrots, green and yellow squash, red onion, and red bell) was a steak salad. I wasn’t jivin on the red meat last night, so I asked for blackened chicken instead. It also came with a side of jasmine rice (weird, no?) so I asked for extra veggies instead of rice. The salad comes out on a SALADSIZEDPLATE. There were four strips each of squash and bell. No carrots. No onions. Definitely NO extra veggies in sight. It was on top of romaine, with nice blackened chicken on top. Chipotle ranch on the side, and a side of salsa that I requested. The dressing was great, the chicken was tender, but I ate THEWHOLEDAMN thing, and definitely left hungry. I asked our server about the extra veg, and he said they were on there. Then asked if I wanted the side of rice. HUH? Doomkoff.

I had some leftover salmon salad, and sugarfree jello mixed with vanilla carbmaster yogurt after we went to Ryan’s parents house for carrotcake and presents. My belly was finally happy.

****I AM ADDING YOU TO MY BLOGROLL, if you don’t want to be on there, just send me a quick message and I’ll remove ya promptly! Hope you are having super adventures this weekend!***