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Sicky and making sure you know this is possible…

Flatout Chips

Flatout Chips

Hi everybody!  I am pretty confident I got food poisoning from Costa Vida yesterday…needless to say, I’ve been feeling less than stellar today (so this will be quick).

I schooled, worked, worked out, studied, and now just veggin out.  I knew I hadn’t had enough cals today, so I got out the peanut butter and “vanilla ice cream” whey.  I took a spoon to them.  Oh my belly is too full now, but I am glad I got some nutrition into my sicky body!

To explain the post title and photo…those are cinnamon/vanilla extract/kosher salt/splenda shaken on cut up flatout…MICROWAVED for about 3 minutes.  Seriously.  They crisp in the nuker.  Just make sure that you check them once or twice and move them around because the micro doesn’t cook things evenly.  They are SO yum to snack on or dip in yogie, cottage cheese, PB, etc.  Not to mention, the spice possibilities are ENDLESS!  I’ve also made them with cumin and red pepper, garlic and parsley…YUM!

Hope ya’ll are well.  Will check on your bloggies manana.









Balanced Body Reformer

Balanced Body Reformer

Christie over at Sportsnutritionliving.wordpress.com is curious: (in reference to pilates and reformer workouts)

“I know i have talked to you before about it.. but how many days a week do you need to practice to see the benefits of it… I am a runner and I tend to develop muscle easily so I want less bulk in my legs =(”

Bulk…something women seem to be very concerned with.  We actually do not carry enough testosterone in our bodies to become “bulky”.  The bulk that *most* women refer to, is this:

A woman begins lifting weights, and makes no changes to her diet/cardiovascular activity.  She gains muscle, but the fat that she carries stays put.  As such, her legs, stomach, arms, whatever actually appears larger.  In order to “de-bulk”, you must lose body fat.

Speaking strictly strength-gains, you can see results in two sessions a week.  The way I teach keeps your heartrate up, it’s not a losey goosey stretching hour.  You will sweat, you will breathe HARD, hell you may even crypuketurnbrightred.  Find a good, certified instructor.  Make sure they understand your goals, make sure you feel comfortable working with them.

My own training includes daily cardio of high intensity, 3-4 times a week of weights, and 2-3 times a week of Pilates (two reformer, one mat, or vice versa).

What else kids???  Keep them questions comin!

PS…I ran for 58 minutes today.  Now I am sitting in classes.  I am lifting and teaching at 5, when I get out of classes.  My run today sucked a bit because I lifted legs yesterday.  It was an “increaser”.  This is a flat run, you increase your speed gradually.  So my pace started at just over 8 minute miles, and ended at 7 minute miles.  Tough.  It’s a “dig deep” kinda run.  Glad I did it.  Glad it’s over!

Pancreatitis and ma’ Gallbladder…

It’s a painful saga, really.  No, not really.  I would never ever wish pancreatitis on anyone though.

Basically, I got pancreatitis (July 4th), they couldn’t figure out why…I didn’t have gallstones, I don’t drink heavily, I am not overweight, etc. etc.  They did an ultrasound.  Nothing.  A hydascan….nuclear medicine, YIKES!  Normal-ish, they said.  So I left the hospital four days later, still getting weird bloaty stomach (pancreas) aches.  The doctor finally decided that he just wanted to take my gallbladder out (August 15th) because my mom and brother and many cousins have had to have the procedure.  When they took it out, there were still no stones to speak of, but the bile was thick, like honey, when it is supposed to be the consistency of water.

I was trying to help Jenn over at EatingBender maybe try to figure out what’s goin on with her…so here’s a little TMI for ya’ll!

Happy Tuesday, mine was busy busy.

I gotta go study now, will catch up on your blogs when I’m done or more likely tomorrow while I’m in lectures.

I have a test tomorrow, two tests Thursday (my daddy’s bday too), a study group Thurs for a test on Mon, and a BIGHUGEOL’ Pilates Cert test in Los Angeles on Friday.  I am flying in at 10 to take the test, then flying home at 9 when it’s over.  Nobody wants to be in LA longer than they hafta be!  Right???

Long time, No post…

Good Evening Lovers and Friends! It’s been a while…
Bowl O Veg

Bowl O Veg

My apologies for the super lack of postage. After I taught Pilates last night (oh Heather, have you really given it a chance!?), I came home, had some food, and was ready to crash. Then I stayed up a little too long and my tiredness went away. As a result I really didn’t sleep, and I did some serious snacking…PB and vanilla whey, mixed up all creamy and nice. My belly hurt all day today and still feels kinda funny…that always happens when I eat too much too late.

Aaaanyway. Today has been superlong, and not just because I didn’t get any sleep. I was at school from 8:30 until 7. I did get a workout in, but we’ll discuss that in a bit.

The bowl o veg up top was part of tonights dinner. It was ALMOST too big to finish. I mustered up the gusto. This accompanied it:

Chicken Romaine Mexicana

Chicken Romaine Mexicana

That is a bowl of romaine with two kinds of salsa, reduced fat sour cream, and some chickie that I grilled and cut up. So yum. The veggies were: two different kinds of garden toms, garden squash, garden cuke, broccoli, cauli, baby bellas, yellow onion…and two seasoning shakers: southwest chipotle, and nacho cheeses popcorn sprinkles. Again, so yum.

two togetha

two togetha

Last night was similar: (is anyone watching the dem. nat’l convention??? more of the same???)

Cottage cheese and eggwhites with vanilla, cinnamon, and splenda. Big bowl o veg (SURPRISE!)

last night's veg

last night

so damn unpretty

so damn unpretty

So that’s all I’ve got for you in the way of food…

My workout was a triathlon today. Not in the traditional sense…no. I biked, I ran, but there was no swimming (this girl’s got bad. ears.). Instead, there was rowing. I biked 57 miles, ran 8.17, and rowed 2. These were in a couple of different sessions. I was having random time to kill on campus, and working out helped me to not focus on how ick my belly and my head were feeling today. I also weighed the bag I was lugging around campus all day…eighteen pounds! Boo. Way too heavy. Needless to say, I am tuckered out, and SO excited that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm in the morning. No classes to take, no classes to teach! WOOOOOHOOOOOO.

Hope ya’ll are superstoked to be headin downhill in the week!