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Balanced Body Reformer

Balanced Body Reformer

Christie over at Sportsnutritionliving.wordpress.com is curious: (in reference to pilates and reformer workouts)

“I know i have talked to you before about it.. but how many days a week do you need to practice to see the benefits of it… I am a runner and I tend to develop muscle easily so I want less bulk in my legs =(”

Bulk…something women seem to be very concerned with.  We actually do not carry enough testosterone in our bodies to become “bulky”.  The bulk that *most* women refer to, is this:

A woman begins lifting weights, and makes no changes to her diet/cardiovascular activity.  She gains muscle, but the fat that she carries stays put.  As such, her legs, stomach, arms, whatever actually appears larger.  In order to “de-bulk”, you must lose body fat.

Speaking strictly strength-gains, you can see results in two sessions a week.  The way I teach keeps your heartrate up, it’s not a losey goosey stretching hour.  You will sweat, you will breathe HARD, hell you may even crypuketurnbrightred.  Find a good, certified instructor.  Make sure they understand your goals, make sure you feel comfortable working with them.

My own training includes daily cardio of high intensity, 3-4 times a week of weights, and 2-3 times a week of Pilates (two reformer, one mat, or vice versa).

What else kids???  Keep them questions comin!

PS…I ran for 58 minutes today.  Now I am sitting in classes.  I am lifting and teaching at 5, when I get out of classes.  My run today sucked a bit because I lifted legs yesterday.  It was an “increaser”.  This is a flat run, you increase your speed gradually.  So my pace started at just over 8 minute miles, and ended at 7 minute miles.  Tough.  It’s a “dig deep” kinda run.  Glad I did it.  Glad it’s over!