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Pancreatitis and ma’ Gallbladder…

It’s a painful saga, really.  No, not really.  I would never ever wish pancreatitis on anyone though.

Basically, I got pancreatitis (July 4th), they couldn’t figure out why…I didn’t have gallstones, I don’t drink heavily, I am not overweight, etc. etc.  They did an ultrasound.  Nothing.  A hydascan….nuclear medicine, YIKES!  Normal-ish, they said.  So I left the hospital four days later, still getting weird bloaty stomach (pancreas) aches.  The doctor finally decided that he just wanted to take my gallbladder out (August 15th) because my mom and brother and many cousins have had to have the procedure.  When they took it out, there were still no stones to speak of, but the bile was thick, like honey, when it is supposed to be the consistency of water.

I was trying to help Jenn over at EatingBender maybe try to figure out what’s goin on with her…so here’s a little TMI for ya’ll!

Happy Tuesday, mine was busy busy.

I gotta go study now, will catch up on your blogs when I’m done or more likely tomorrow while I’m in lectures.

I have a test tomorrow, two tests Thursday (my daddy’s bday too), a study group Thurs for a test on Mon, and a BIGHUGEOL’ Pilates Cert test in Los Angeles on Friday.  I am flying in at 10 to take the test, then flying home at 9 when it’s over.  Nobody wants to be in LA longer than they hafta be!  Right???