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Garden Fresh! (and oven baked)

When I came home from the studio tonight, someone from my dad’s work had sent half of a monstrous zucchini home.  I also had cartoned eggwhites that I needed to use up…I decided to make a frittata of sorts, but more veggies, less egg.  I picked these tomatoes to accompany the zucchini, and also made a chiffonade of fresh basil leaves.  I ate soooo many of those little baby orangies off the vine.  Sweet and perfect!

In all its glory

In all its glory

There is the whole frittata.  Here is a slice and the pan with one slice turned over, so you can see all the lovely browned zucchini goodness!

single slice

single slice



I munched on extra zucchini and tomato…
While the frittata was in the oven:
Dessert was a peanut butter cake.  I tasted it plain, and decided it definitely needed chocolate frosting.  No recipe, I was flyin by the seat of my pants.  The cake is very oaty (I ground them up into a flour), has a strong peanut flavor, and is not too sweet.  That’s why it needed ridiculously sweet chocolate fake buttercream, WITH chocolate chips mixed in.  My boyfriend looooooves chocolate and peanut butter, so I was sure to pack up a big piece to stick in the freezer for when he gets home from burningman!




So I spun for 100 mins earlier.  It was a great workout, my favorite teacher, lots of sprints!
I know I said I was going to try to let that be enough.  It wasn’t.  I just couldn’t sit still.  I used the moutain climber (nautilus, kicks my ass!  anybody else use one of these?!?!) at the studio.  I also took the boys (moki and murphey, boy’s dog and roomies dog) for a leisurely stroll.
It’s time for me to HIT LE SAC!
Happy Friday, and here’s to the long weekend!
And just as I was ready to wrap up this post…I realized I had not posted lunch!  It is important!  I tried a new (GOOD) bar!
broccoli and salsa!

broccoli and salsa!

three cheeses for dipping

three cheeses for dipping

I mixed salsa and broccoli together, then dipped the into bleu cheese, cottage cheese, and laughing cow.
THE BAR!  It’s an ISS Oh Yeah! Bar in Chocolate and Caramel.  I don’t know why the flavor is called that, cause the first ingredient is peanuts.  Anyway, this bar packs a serious calorie, fat, and protein punch.  I figured I would just eat half and save the other half for tomorrow or something.  It tasted SO good, however, that I ended up eating all but a couple of bites.
I liked it so much, that I called the company to ask if they made smaller versions of the same thing.  Turns out they do!  Half the size!  These would be perfect!  I will seek them out.  I hear there are a few great flavors too…vanilla toffee fudge, mocha something fudge.  Yum.

Long time, No post…

Good Evening Lovers and Friends! It’s been a while…
Bowl O Veg

Bowl O Veg

My apologies for the super lack of postage. After I taught Pilates last night (oh Heather, have you really given it a chance!?), I came home, had some food, and was ready to crash. Then I stayed up a little too long and my tiredness went away. As a result I really didn’t sleep, and I did some serious snacking…PB and vanilla whey, mixed up all creamy and nice. My belly hurt all day today and still feels kinda funny…that always happens when I eat too much too late.

Aaaanyway. Today has been superlong, and not just because I didn’t get any sleep. I was at school from 8:30 until 7. I did get a workout in, but we’ll discuss that in a bit.

The bowl o veg up top was part of tonights dinner. It was ALMOST too big to finish. I mustered up the gusto. This accompanied it:

Chicken Romaine Mexicana

Chicken Romaine Mexicana

That is a bowl of romaine with two kinds of salsa, reduced fat sour cream, and some chickie that I grilled and cut up. So yum. The veggies were: two different kinds of garden toms, garden squash, garden cuke, broccoli, cauli, baby bellas, yellow onion…and two seasoning shakers: southwest chipotle, and nacho cheeses popcorn sprinkles. Again, so yum.

two togetha

two togetha

Last night was similar: (is anyone watching the dem. nat’l convention??? more of the same???)

Cottage cheese and eggwhites with vanilla, cinnamon, and splenda. Big bowl o veg (SURPRISE!)

last night's veg

last night

so damn unpretty

so damn unpretty

So that’s all I’ve got for you in the way of food…

My workout was a triathlon today. Not in the traditional sense…no. I biked, I ran, but there was no swimming (this girl’s got bad. ears.). Instead, there was rowing. I biked 57 miles, ran 8.17, and rowed 2. These were in a couple of different sessions. I was having random time to kill on campus, and working out helped me to not focus on how ick my belly and my head were feeling today. I also weighed the bag I was lugging around campus all day…eighteen pounds! Boo. Way too heavy. Needless to say, I am tuckered out, and SO excited that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm in the morning. No classes to take, no classes to teach! WOOOOOHOOOOOO.

Hope ya’ll are superstoked to be headin downhill in the week!



Update while eating lunch. Yum.

After doing Pilates on the reformers with my bon maman for a little over an hour. I was really shaky all during our sesh. I think I had too much or too strong of coffee this morning. I don’t really think there is such a thing as too much coffee. :-D. Afterward, I ran around the hood and ended up at home. 9 miles in 64 minutes. Average pace: 7:11…LOVE THAT! What a FAB number. I really had no control over my legs today, they were just cruisin. Love and Hate that, as I am a control FReAKy.

Had a ton to drink when I got home, munched on romaine hearts and red bell pepper dipped in fat free sour cream/salsa/ranchy dip mixture. Lots of it. And ate a sugar free creamsicle. My brother was here visiting when I got home. I only see him once every couple of weeks, so I waited to make my real meal until after he left, as he wasn’t hungry to eat with me.

Flash photo better?

Flash photo better?

Or FlashLess Photo?

Or FlashLess Photo?

I made myself a bowl of veggies with shirataki noodles, sriracha, sugarfree bbq, and fat free ranch. Veg were: homegrown yellow squash, broccoli, spinach, field greens, and baby bella mushrooms. It was ohsotasty but my belly is now super full. I also had a homegrown tomato with bleu cheese salad dressing and a cup of lowfat cottage cheese. Nobody wants to see a photo of a bowl of cottage cheese, and the tomato came straight off the vine, into my drooling cakehole (or tomatohole, in this case).

One bowl…two shots. For your viewing pleasure, of course (claro que si!)

On to last night. The menu was different than the one that was online. BOOOO. I hate it when restaurants don’t update their sites. We sat outside, and it was a hot one folks. So I pretty much decided I wanted cold food. I’m not a sandwich lova, which left me with a couple of salad options. The one with the most veggies (julienned carrots, green and yellow squash, red onion, and red bell) was a steak salad. I wasn’t jivin on the red meat last night, so I asked for blackened chicken instead. It also came with a side of jasmine rice (weird, no?) so I asked for extra veggies instead of rice. The salad comes out on a SALADSIZEDPLATE. There were four strips each of squash and bell. No carrots. No onions. Definitely NO extra veggies in sight. It was on top of romaine, with nice blackened chicken on top. Chipotle ranch on the side, and a side of salsa that I requested. The dressing was great, the chicken was tender, but I ate THEWHOLEDAMN thing, and definitely left hungry. I asked our server about the extra veg, and he said they were on there. Then asked if I wanted the side of rice. HUH? Doomkoff.

I had some leftover salmon salad, and sugarfree jello mixed with vanilla carbmaster yogurt after we went to Ryan’s parents house for carrotcake and presents. My belly was finally happy.

****I AM ADDING YOU TO MY BLOGROLL, if you don’t want to be on there, just send me a quick message and I’ll remove ya promptly! Hope you are having super adventures this weekend!***

Workout and Lunch

70 mins spinning.

Followed up with a 6.13 mile run.


(I tried to import the run but it didn’t work, wah)

Nothing fancy with the run. It was my first run since having my gallbladder out, so I just wanted to get out there and get the miles in. Felt great, albeit a little harder than normal (duh).

And lunch.

My inspiration???

Some garden fresh tomatoes, and one little bitty garden squash. I was so hungry between spin and after my run that I ate almost all of this. I left one bite for a sweet treat later.

Tasty stuff. I munched on various things while waiting for some broccoli, spinach, and squash to soften up a bit in the nukermachine. Such as:

Plain Romaine.

Left over grilled Chickie breast. That’s an intense photo, sorry!

The Tomato!

This is what happens when you stick your arm into a tomato bush. Yellow nastiness, and it won’t.come.off.

Leftover cheesecake from last night. So tasty. Protein packed.

And finally the veggies…with sriracha and fat free ranch again.



Oh I just figured out that I can make photo captions! YES!

I am gonna shower and then maybe I will go lift. I feel like lifting. I feel strong.

She’s a Brick! House!

Only kidding.

Here’s what came in the mail today…very excited to try it. It smells FAB.

oh twisted photo, please rotate ninety degrees

oh twisted photo, please rotate ninety degrees

I love coffee almost as much as I love broccoli. Caffeine before noon only though.

Products I loooove, and last night’s Din.

Last night I told Erin over at http://www.caretoeat.net to seek out sriracha.  If you like spicy food, you too should find it.  Here is the bottle: look for the green cap!  (sorry the label is hard to see, as my sriracha is well loved, and half gone).

Next up we’ve got my favorite only Fat Free Ranch.  This stuff seriously tastes great.  It’s a little thick so I water it down.  I like my dressing to lightly coat each piece of lovely produce.


Next we have…homemade noaddedsugar BBQ sauce and Ketchup.  The noaddedsugar storebought condiments are so damn expensive, and the homemade ones taste superior.  The BBQ recipe is from Marlene Koch’s 365 sensational splenda recipes, the Ketchup is from http://genaw.com/lowcarb/evenbetter_heinz_ketchup.html except I used less clove and less allspice than she called for.  I made it once with full spices and ended up throwing it out.  Both of these get wizzed up in my trusty Magic Bullet.  Seriously guys, I use it every.day.  Hummus, whipped cottage cheese, icey drinks, pureed soups, pestos, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

again with

the side





Next is the cinnamon that I used in both the above “products”.  This cinnamon is soooo much better than “canela molida” that you get from grocers.  I get it at costco.  It’s called “Saigon Cinnamon”.  The flavor is Ri.Dic.U.Lous.  Honest!  I put it in/on everything.

Oh we’re nearing the end of my monsterproduct post.  These babies, it seems, the majority of you already know about.  I am posting them anyway.  They are the best “tortillas” flavaly and nutrionally as far as I’m concerned.  Also, in case you didn’t know, they make great chips.  They get crispy in the microwave.  I cut em up into whatever size/shape pieces I desire, and place them on a PamSprayed plate.  Then I spray them with pam, sprinkle salt, cinnamon, splenda, chilipowder, whatever.  Nuke em for three and a half (3.5, yes) minutes.  Crispy and delicious.  This chip method is the reason that I always buy the “light multigrain” ones.  They have neutral flavor to start out with.  A blank canvas for culinary concocting, if you will.

Last one.  Promise.  I got a little product happy this morning.

Here we have Tofu Shirataki Noodles.  If you get the HungryGirl emails, you’ve surely seen these.  You gotta make sure to rinse AND dry them really well.  I nuke them by themselves for about 4 minutes before I add veggies, shreeimps (Bubba, anyone?), spices, etc.  I also always use kitchen shears to cut the noodles.  They are about 14 feet long.  No, they are not like real pasta.  That is why I like them.  Real pasta (and potatoes and bread for that matter) leave me feeling heavy and bloated.  Don’t even bother with the Fettucine and Spaghetti shapes…the Angel Hair is the ONLY way to go!

Last night’s dinner, as promised.  It will never get old.  Big salad.  Side flatout quesadilla with salsa to dip (got this craving from Em at http://www.glidingcalm.wordpress.com).  The quesadilla looks MUCH better than it tasted.  Wasn’t really worth eating, but I was hungry, and I had a puppy to share a couple bites with.

I should have taken the salad picture before adding dressing.  Oh well.  It had: broccoli (of course, all my meals do!  I go through 5 pounds a week, no joke.  Love it), red onion, tomatoes from my garden, a storebought roma, romaine, redleaf, garden cucumber, boar’s head chicken breast sliced up, a couple nuked eggwhites, salt, peps, the ranch from above, and the homemade BBQ from above.  So delish.  OH!  Then halfway through I added Sriracha.  Brilliant.  Second half = ten times better!

I seriously don’t know how people blog like, eight (8, yes) times daily.  I feel like I need a nap after this post.  Though I do feel a sense of accomplishment.  Take that, BLOG!

Hea(venly)lthy Cheesecake and Homemade Graham Crackers

I. Love. Sweetened. CreamCheese.

I suppose the reason behind this is that I grew up with a Dutch baby sitter who would slather cream cheese on bread, and then top it with nestle quick or Muisjes .
I’m not much for sugar. It makes me shaky, headachey, leaves me feeling heavy and bloated, etc. So I decided to make a low-sugar, lower fat, highish protein cheesecake.
I made it without crust because then crust is optional! And…I didn’t have any graham crackers (I can’t seem to find any at the store that are not chock-full-o nasty ingredients, or taste simply awful). So I made some graham crackers for those who might want graham cracker adornment with their cheesecake.
The graham cracker recipe can be found here: http://bakingsheet.blogspot.com/2005/04/shf-7-graham-crackers.html
They are GREAT.  Super molassesy flavored.
The cheesecake I adapted from Marlene Koch’s 375 Sensational Splenda Recipes
Here is my version:
8 oz fat free cottage cheese, pureed until smooth
8 oz fat free cream cheese
8 oz neufchatel
1 c splenda granular
2 whole eggs
1 egg white
3 T vanilla protein powder (I used ON 100% gold standard whey)
2 T cornstarch
Splash Vanilla Extract (I like a LOT, suit your own taste)
zest from half a lime, and half a lemon
2 oz fat free sour cream
6 oz “carbmaster” yogurt in vanilla
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix together cheeses, splenda, egg, and vanilla with a kitchenaid or handheld mixer.
Add zest, protein powder, and cornstarch.
Beat well.
Gently fold in sour cream and yogurt.
Pour into an 8″ spring form pan, sprayed with pam, bottom lined with parchment.
Place pan into a 9″x13″ baking dish and fill the dish about halfway up with hot water (a bain marie** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bain_marie).
Bake for 50-55 minutes, until sides look firm and center is barely set.
Remove from bain marie** and cool.
Chill at least 6 hours before serving.
Serves 12.
**The purpose of a bain marie is to keep the cheesecake top from cracking.  As you can see, however, the bain marie did nothing for my cheesecake.
One more thing:
I LOOOOOVE Broccoli!