Been a long time, been a long time, been a long…

Hi anyone.  Life is crazy.  School.  New work.  Trying to maintain relationships and recover from surgery.  I intend to keep posting, but not quite in the way that I was.  I think I will pose questions and provide more nutritional information.  As I was recovering from surgery, I was makin myself a little crazy because I had so much free time and didn’t know what to do with myself…ie: working out compulsively, waaaay too much.  This is not the picture of health that I would like to spread across blogland.  I hope you will come back and read, and look forward to a better, healthier Twinksy.

So here are a couple of random facts to get us started:

1 cup of spinach has 40% of your RDI of Magnesium (very important for proper calcium absorption)!

Eggplant is considered a fruit…and botanically, it’s ACTUALLY a BERRY!  A whole eggplant (with the peel) has a whopping 18 grams of fiber, and 1,260 mg of potassium!

Whey protein provides amino acids from which the body make glutahione, an antioxidant that destroys free-radicals and detoxifies carcinogens.  WOW!

I have been reading your blogs…I will work on commenting more!



Sunday, already?

Sorry for the lack of weekend posting!  I’ve just been running, working, teaching, lifting, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Noteworthy achievements:

  • My biceps are sore.  I lifted them yesterday.  They never ever get sore anymore.  They are sore.  YAY!
  • Ten miles friday, cross training 9.7 miles mountain climber yesterday, Twelve miles today.  Makin money for “THE HUMANRACE”…see
  • Made gorgeous salads with mama
  • Cleaned out the damn fridge…yes, we love condiments!


Hope your weekend is marvelous!

We are off to do a bit of shopping…YAY!  This girl loooooves shopping.

Garden Fresh! (and oven baked)

When I came home from the studio tonight, someone from my dad’s work had sent half of a monstrous zucchini home.  I also had cartoned eggwhites that I needed to use up…I decided to make a frittata of sorts, but more veggies, less egg.  I picked these tomatoes to accompany the zucchini, and also made a chiffonade of fresh basil leaves.  I ate soooo many of those little baby orangies off the vine.  Sweet and perfect!

In all its glory

In all its glory

There is the whole frittata.  Here is a slice and the pan with one slice turned over, so you can see all the lovely browned zucchini goodness!

single slice

single slice



I munched on extra zucchini and tomato…
While the frittata was in the oven:
Dessert was a peanut butter cake.  I tasted it plain, and decided it definitely needed chocolate frosting.  No recipe, I was flyin by the seat of my pants.  The cake is very oaty (I ground them up into a flour), has a strong peanut flavor, and is not too sweet.  That’s why it needed ridiculously sweet chocolate fake buttercream, WITH chocolate chips mixed in.  My boyfriend looooooves chocolate and peanut butter, so I was sure to pack up a big piece to stick in the freezer for when he gets home from burningman!




So I spun for 100 mins earlier.  It was a great workout, my favorite teacher, lots of sprints!
I know I said I was going to try to let that be enough.  It wasn’t.  I just couldn’t sit still.  I used the moutain climber (nautilus, kicks my ass!  anybody else use one of these?!?!) at the studio.  I also took the boys (moki and murphey, boy’s dog and roomies dog) for a leisurely stroll.
It’s time for me to HIT LE SAC!
Happy Friday, and here’s to the long weekend!
And just as I was ready to wrap up this post…I realized I had not posted lunch!  It is important!  I tried a new (GOOD) bar!
broccoli and salsa!

broccoli and salsa!

three cheeses for dipping

three cheeses for dipping

I mixed salsa and broccoli together, then dipped the into bleu cheese, cottage cheese, and laughing cow.
THE BAR!  It’s an ISS Oh Yeah! Bar in Chocolate and Caramel.  I don’t know why the flavor is called that, cause the first ingredient is peanuts.  Anyway, this bar packs a serious calorie, fat, and protein punch.  I figured I would just eat half and save the other half for tomorrow or something.  It tasted SO good, however, that I ended up eating all but a couple of bites.
I liked it so much, that I called the company to ask if they made smaller versions of the same thing.  Turns out they do!  Half the size!  These would be perfect!  I will seek them out.  I hear there are a few great flavors too…vanilla toffee fudge, mocha something fudge.  Yum.

Old Website…good photos

This is my old URL:

There are a few recipes and some good photos.

I have been sippin on coffee this morning, now I am ready to head out the door for spin.

I am going to try to let that be enough (!!) today.

Tomorrow’s FRIDIZZLE!

Long time, No post…

Good Evening Lovers and Friends! It’s been a while…
Bowl O Veg

Bowl O Veg

My apologies for the super lack of postage. After I taught Pilates last night (oh Heather, have you really given it a chance!?), I came home, had some food, and was ready to crash. Then I stayed up a little too long and my tiredness went away. As a result I really didn’t sleep, and I did some serious snacking…PB and vanilla whey, mixed up all creamy and nice. My belly hurt all day today and still feels kinda funny…that always happens when I eat too much too late.

Aaaanyway. Today has been superlong, and not just because I didn’t get any sleep. I was at school from 8:30 until 7. I did get a workout in, but we’ll discuss that in a bit.

The bowl o veg up top was part of tonights dinner. It was ALMOST too big to finish. I mustered up the gusto. This accompanied it:

Chicken Romaine Mexicana

Chicken Romaine Mexicana

That is a bowl of romaine with two kinds of salsa, reduced fat sour cream, and some chickie that I grilled and cut up. So yum. The veggies were: two different kinds of garden toms, garden squash, garden cuke, broccoli, cauli, baby bellas, yellow onion…and two seasoning shakers: southwest chipotle, and nacho cheeses popcorn sprinkles. Again, so yum.

two togetha

two togetha

Last night was similar: (is anyone watching the dem. nat’l convention??? more of the same???)

Cottage cheese and eggwhites with vanilla, cinnamon, and splenda. Big bowl o veg (SURPRISE!)

last night's veg

last night

so damn unpretty

so damn unpretty

So that’s all I’ve got for you in the way of food…

My workout was a triathlon today. Not in the traditional sense…no. I biked, I ran, but there was no swimming (this girl’s got bad. ears.). Instead, there was rowing. I biked 57 miles, ran 8.17, and rowed 2. These were in a couple of different sessions. I was having random time to kill on campus, and working out helped me to not focus on how ick my belly and my head were feeling today. I also weighed the bag I was lugging around campus all day…eighteen pounds! Boo. Way too heavy. Needless to say, I am tuckered out, and SO excited that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm in the morning. No classes to take, no classes to teach! WOOOOOHOOOOOO.

Hope ya’ll are superstoked to be headin downhill in the week!



Just in from ma workout

Hey everybody!  Thankfully it’s cooled off a few degrees here in Utah.  Running outside in the heat is exhausting.

Speaking of running…I just got in from running to the studio to lift, then running home.  Total mileage: 10.33 in 71:33…for 7:11/mile.  Honestly, my pace starting out was around 8mins/mile.  Once I warmed up and started jammin the BlackEyedPeas though, I sped up (obviously).

I lifted chest/tris/and shoulders.  I was kinda all over the place cause my coworkers kept talking with me while I was lifting…but I will try my best to recap.

  • 5 supersets of 10 cable extension at 30 lbs w/ 10 wide pushups
  • 5 trisets of 8 kickbacks at 16lbs w/ 10 tricep pushups & arnold presses at 16lbs
  • 5 supersets of 10 dips and 10 inbetween pushups
  • 3 supersets of “backhand” with cable at 10 lbs (wasn’t really feelin this exercise today) w/ bosu pushups
  • 5 trisets of 10 shoulder presses at 45 lbs w/8 angled tri extensions on the smith & 8 straight tri extensions on the smith

I was shaky when I finished, but still had enough energy to run home…probably thanks to the protein powder/cottage cheese mixture, one baby carrot, one frozen strawberry, and two bites of chicken breast I had at the studio.  Sorry…no pic, I ran and didn’t have any intentions of carrying my camera with me!

So instead I will give you a photo of salad from Saturday night…nasturtiums!  Beautiful edible flowers from my garden!  They are kind of sweet and peppery…mostly I just like the way they look!

Dinner and Workouties.

I came home from an 8.5 miler to a delicious smell in the kitchy. BonMaman had made wholewheat panko breaded chickie. I cut it into small chunklets and put them in a big ol’ veggie salad with some sugar free bbq sauce.

before chickie

before chickie

with chickie added (and some eaten)

with chickie added (and some eaten)


I spun for two hours in the morning today. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I ran 8.5 in the eve. Mile 8 was sprinting straights, recovering curves…then .5 mile was cooldown jog-pace. The whole 8.5 took 64 minutes.

It was the first day of classes, too.  Needless to say it’s been a loooong one.  I think I finally got my schedule figured out though.  There is a class called Wilderness Nutrition, I could use it as an elective for my Nutrition Minor, but I can’t get in!  I am bummed, I thought it sounded like a great class!