Sicky and making sure you know this is possible…

Flatout Chips

Flatout Chips

Hi everybody!  I am pretty confident I got food poisoning from Costa Vida yesterday…needless to say, I’ve been feeling less than stellar today (so this will be quick).

I schooled, worked, worked out, studied, and now just veggin out.  I knew I hadn’t had enough cals today, so I got out the peanut butter and “vanilla ice cream” whey.  I took a spoon to them.  Oh my belly is too full now, but I am glad I got some nutrition into my sicky body!

To explain the post title and photo…those are cinnamon/vanilla extract/kosher salt/splenda shaken on cut up flatout…MICROWAVED for about 3 minutes.  Seriously.  They crisp in the nuker.  Just make sure that you check them once or twice and move them around because the micro doesn’t cook things evenly.  They are SO yum to snack on or dip in yogie, cottage cheese, PB, etc.  Not to mention, the spice possibilities are ENDLESS!  I’ve also made them with cumin and red pepper, garlic and parsley…YUM!

Hope ya’ll are well.  Will check on your bloggies manana.








6 responses to “Sicky and making sure you know this is possible…

  1. graduatemeghann

    Those chips look amazing! I never thought they would crisp in the microwave. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Adorable dogs! Crunchy in a microwave? Interesting!

  3. Twink, I love the pups. And the recipe.

  4. aww hope you feel better.. n i will def be trying those chips!

  5. You feeling better? Love thos pups!

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