Photos Photos so tired, don’t want to write…



My world has been pretty crazy since my last post! Many tests, birthdays, workouts, and adventures!

That cake up top is my dad’s and bro’s GF’s birthday cake from Sunday night. It’s just a yellow cake with chocolate “buttercream” (not a real buttercream) and candied walnuts. Scratch-style, yes.

cakey top
one more cakey

one more cakey

Then photos of last night’s dinner that I made for everyone…chicken pillards stuffed with spinach and homemade sundried tomato red pepper pesto.



My FabulousFather took these photos for me…
The salad is just hericots verts, patty pan and zucchini squash, sunburst tomatoes, shaved romano, lemon juice, garlic infused olive oil, salt, and pepps. The toasties are really good sourdough spread with the same pesto from the chicken, covered with romano, and broiled for a couple of minutes until bubbly.
Next up for your viewing pleasure, coconut cupcakes…


So my certification test in Cali on Friday was one big adventure. I left early in the morn, flew to LAX. Had to catch a shuttle to Rancho Palos Verdes. The shuttle took 2.5 hours cause it went around and around the airport, and then I had to read the map to the mean driver who just kept telling me I should have taken a taxi. I wanted to tell him to JUSTBENICE! I kinda did…I said “You don’t have to get angry”. Then he chilled a little bit. Anyway, I got us there. I went in for my four hour test, I was starving but had a sicky tum (which is actually odd. I believe I am blaming the tum issue on “atkins bars” The have weird ingredients in them and I will no longer be eating them. Ever.). I believe I ended up eating celery, some cottage cheese, and a hunk of a bar. The test was fine. Challenging, yes, but I expected that.
The shuttle was supposed to pick me up at 6, and I had a fifteen minute window, so I HAD to be down there by 6:15. We ended our testing at five to six, and I was packing up my stuff when the owner of the Pilates studio told me the shuttle company had called and left a message five minutes before that they were downstairs waiting. So I booked it down there. No shuttle in sight. I asked some hooligans sitting outside the Bucks if they had seen one. “Red???” The kid asked. And then proceeded to tell me that it was there twenty minutes ago. TWENTY MINUTES! That’s a HALF HOUR EARLY! Boo.
So I went back upstairs and called the company. They confirmed that they driver left me behind, and offered the solution of “finding another mode of transportation”. Needless to say, I had no other mode of transportation. It was rushhour in LA on a Friday night, my flight home was at 8:30. I called a couple of taxi companies to see if any of them were close by RPV. One was. They said they’d pick me up in front of the bucks in 10-20 minutes. So I went down there to wait.
I will spare details, cause this is already getting pretty lengthy and I’m T.i.r.e.d. The end of the story is that the taxi never came, and a fabulous starbucks employee took me to the airport.
My faith in Humanity has been restored!
Okay so I ran a 15k on Saturday in honor of Meghann at and Caitlin at It was Meghann’s first, and that’s pretty awesome! Caitlin beat her time from last year by more than FOUR MINUTES! Nice work ladies! My stats were:
9.51 miles, 64 minutes, 54 seconds. Good run!
Yesterday I spun, went for a hike, worked, went to school, did pull ups and some shoulders.
Today I ran 8.37 “tempo”…61 minutes, lifted legs, and did a lot of reformer experimenting at work because I got a brand new reformer! WOOT! I also worked at work. Fancy that.
I’m beat, hope you are all doing well, I’m going to be catchin up on your blogs a bit tonight to unwind, and then more tomorrow during lectures!
Bon Maman and Me...actin weird

Bon Maman and Me...actin weird

What happened to my foot today

What happened to my foot today

P.S. I could feel a puddle of blood in my running shoe today…these two photos illustrate why I felt that. Though I’m not exactly sure why the blood was there…what a mystery, eh?!


So Sorry if you are a FOOTHATER. Seriously. Sorry. : 0

7 responses to “Photos Photos so tired, don’t want to write…

  1. Homemade cakies and cupcakies are so nice for birthdays!

    Sorry about the crazy traveling.Thank goodness for Starbucks employees!

    Eww. sorry about your toe!

    You and your mom are cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, re: protein. I havenโ€™t been keeping track of numbers, but I have been more aware. Yesterday I had a Chobani Greek Yogurt, which is 18 g and I found out here
    that lentils have 18 g. of protein per cooked cup and I had about a cup, maybe more! So that was 36 and I bet I had more somewhere, too!

  2. Ohh man what an adventure… all that food looks great.. and great job on the run!

  3. First of all… that cake looks awesome!
    Second.. your poor foot!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Third.. I feel so honored you ran ran a 15k in honor Caitlin and I. YOU ROCK!!!! And that time is incredible… maybe one day I can achieve that ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’ve had that happen to my toe before. It went on for a couple days and then just kinda stopped. It’s randomly happened other times too. No ideas on it though.

  5. congrats on your 15k!!! you rule!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ouchie on the toe… did your nail fall off?

  6. Man, taht toe looks painful! Hope its feeling better! Both the cakes and the cupcakes look incredible! mmm I haven’t ever made coconut cupcakes, may need to give it a whirl

  7. Toe nail is still intact, albeit kind of maimed!! Erica, Ina Garten has a good coconut cupcake recipe you could try!

    Caitlin and Meghann…just wish I could run WITH ya!

    Heather…sounds like you are pretty aware of nutrients and in tune with your bod. A cup of lentils would make me sick though. Too heavy.

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