Sunday, already?

Sorry for the lack of weekend posting!  I’ve just been running, working, teaching, lifting, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Noteworthy achievements:

  • My biceps are sore.  I lifted them yesterday.  They never ever get sore anymore.  They are sore.  YAY!
  • Ten miles friday, cross training 9.7 miles mountain climber yesterday, Twelve miles today.  Makin money for “THE HUMANRACE”…see
  • Made gorgeous salads with mama
  • Cleaned out the damn fridge…yes, we love condiments!


Hope your weekend is marvelous!

We are off to do a bit of shopping…YAY!  This girl loooooves shopping.


3 responses to “Sunday, already?

  1. your veggies always look so delicious!! and that fridge looks amazing! hope your having a great weekend!

  2. Twinksy where are you?

  3. Isn’t it amazing how condiment bottles accumulate like that? I swear every time I do some deep fridge cleaning, the bottle count has somehow tripled, yet I never recall buying any of them.

    Do they multiply on their own? Should I separate the boy bottles from the girl bottles…?

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