Just in from ma workout

Hey everybody!  Thankfully it’s cooled off a few degrees here in Utah.  Running outside in the heat is exhausting.

Speaking of running…I just got in from running to the studio to lift, then running home.  Total mileage: 10.33 in 71:33…for 7:11/mile.  Honestly, my pace starting out was around 8mins/mile.  Once I warmed up and started jammin the BlackEyedPeas though, I sped up (obviously).

I lifted chest/tris/and shoulders.  I was kinda all over the place cause my coworkers kept talking with me while I was lifting…but I will try my best to recap.

  • 5 supersets of 10 cable extension at 30 lbs w/ 10 wide pushups
  • 5 trisets of 8 kickbacks at 16lbs w/ 10 tricep pushups & arnold presses at 16lbs
  • 5 supersets of 10 dips and 10 inbetween pushups
  • 3 supersets of “backhand” with cable at 10 lbs (wasn’t really feelin this exercise today) w/ bosu pushups
  • 5 trisets of 10 shoulder presses at 45 lbs w/8 angled tri extensions on the smith & 8 straight tri extensions on the smith

I was shaky when I finished, but still had enough energy to run home…probably thanks to the protein powder/cottage cheese mixture, one baby carrot, one frozen strawberry, and two bites of chicken breast I had at the studio.  Sorry…no pic, I ran and didn’t have any intentions of carrying my camera with me!

So instead I will give you a photo of salad from Saturday night…nasturtiums!  Beautiful edible flowers from my garden!  They are kind of sweet and peppery…mostly I just like the way they look!


7 responses to “Just in from ma workout

  1. I love the flowers in the salad–beautiful. That sounds like a long ass workout. Are you training for a specific event or just ❤ the running?

  2. So, I saw your comment on my blog about the shrataki noodles. I responded there, but also wanted to ask you seriously when you open the bag, do they not smell awful? How do you get past that?

  3. P.S. (I like how we’re both P.S. commenters!) I like the flowers on your salad. Very exotic. 🙂

  4. Step one: Hold breath
    Step two: Open bag
    Step three: Pour contents into collander and immediately begin rinsing
    Step four: Rinse A LOT
    Step five: Resume breathing
    Step six: Thorougly dry the noodles, cut them up at this point if you’d like
    Step seven: Nuke ’em for fourish minutes, then add whatever you want to em

  5. Oh those flowers look amazing!

  6. Too much effort. Rather eat macaroni.

  7. This salad looks so good…and so beautiful!!

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