Dinner and Workouties.

I came home from an 8.5 miler to a delicious smell in the kitchy. BonMaman had made wholewheat panko breaded chickie. I cut it into small chunklets and put them in a big ol’ veggie salad with some sugar free bbq sauce.

before chickie

before chickie

with chickie added (and some eaten)

with chickie added (and some eaten)


I spun for two hours in the morning today. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I ran 8.5 in the eve. Mile 8 was sprinting straights, recovering curves…then .5 mile was cooldown jog-pace. The whole 8.5 took 64 minutes.

It was the first day of classes, too.  Needless to say it’s been a loooong one.  I think I finally got my schedule figured out though.  There is a class called Wilderness Nutrition, I could use it as an elective for my Nutrition Minor, but I can’t get in!  I am bummed, I thought it sounded like a great class!


4 responses to “Dinner and Workouties.

  1. what a yummy dinner and a CRAZY run!!! i’m hoping i can get up to that mileage one of these days!
    have a wonderful tuesday!

  2. Wilderness nutrition? I bet that guy on man vs. wild would kill that class 🙂

  3. Hey thanks for the comment!! i just added you to my blogroll! and i find that the only thing I can really eat after working out is carbs..a lot of protein or produce bothers my stomach. your bowl of chicken and veggies look really good!! hope your having a great day!

  4. wow you kick my butt in running! I can do 7 miles in 60 minutes tops.

    That class sounds fun. I wish I had taken some fun classes in college. Maybe you can get signed in or something?

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