Abstaining vs. Restricting???

I’d like to pose a question this afternoon.

I think most of us food bloggers have certain things we abstain from eating. At what point though, do these food choices cross over from abstaining to restricting? And is it just me, or is the only difference between the two a negative attitude?

I had a disappointing meal at the restaurant we went to last night (second time in a row!). I made two modifications to the Wahoo salad…no black beans, dressing on the side. I don’t remember the last time I ordered something simply as it was on the menu…

So after a couple of bad restaurant experiences where I was subbing/subtracting ingredients from the menu description, I started to feel pretty restrictive.

I pose the question because the notion of eating WHATEVER I want freaks me right out.  I guess I’d just like somebody else’s take on the whole thing.

**I just ate a very normal lunch…spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, fat free cottcheese, some celery sticks, a little bit of yogurt with allbranextrafiber, and a slice of deli turkey. Now I’m sippin on a decaf coffee even though it’s wicked hot outside**


4 responses to “Abstaining vs. Restricting???

  1. Just say, “I choose not to eat that”.

  2. This is something I think about a lot. I think maybe the only difference is an attitude like you said. A lot of it is mental. For example, I am fairly certain I would have no problem not eating a donut. I know how bad it is for me, and even if it’s “every once in awhile,” it just doesn’t appeal to me. If there is something that does appeal to me though, like a full fatty not healthy oatmeal cookie, I want it and not eating is restricting. It’s when I want something and don’t have it that it becomes a negative feeling.

    I love this topic!


  3. Heather, (unless it’s Mark??? Somehow I think not). Do you your own self find your habits restrictive? I usually don’t. For me it’s usually like the situation that you described with the donut. I have worked hard on not being restrictive…eventually letting myself eat things that I have deemed (for whatever reason, crazy or warranted)unhealthy/bad/offlimits. Things like: half and half in coffee, creamy salad dressings, even some carbohydrates (especially refined). I can’t say that I always feel fantastic about eating some of these things, I still get uncomfortable after eating them from time to time (in my head, not my belly!). I guess the reason this is really on my mind today is that what I actually wanted to order from the restaurant last night had NO protein. As an athlete, that freaked me out. I needs my protein, my brain skreeched! But as a result of not ordering what actually sounded good, I came home unsatisfied, and hungry. So I searched the kitchen, ended up eating more than my body really needed, and feeling some guilt about not listening and honoring my body.

  4. No, I don’t think I am “restrictive” because I’ve really thought about why I do and do not eat certain things after dealing with comments (“she won’t eat that cake because it’s not healthy” or “i can’t believe you’re eating that cake because it’s not healthy). There was a time when I would have encountered a similar situation you described – not ordering something, being unsatisfied and eating more. I’ve been working on that though and getting a lot better about not being uncomfortable in my head. 🙂

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