Headin out to Therapy

I am on my way out the door for a run.

I had allbran extra fiber with yogurt and cottage cheese before hand (and coffee, of course).

My boyfriend is packing to go to BURNINGMAN, he leaves in a few hours.  I will be honest, I am a little nervous for him to go.  Do you all know about burningman?

I will be back later with a big clean dinner recap, and a run recap.  I feel like running forever, but I kinda think my body might not be feelin what my head is…

Ryan's roomies pup...what a great pic!



2 responses to “Headin out to Therapy

  1. No, I do not know about this burningman. Do tell.

    You asked about whether I would continue meatless eating after the 30 days is up. I plan to do a bigger post on that, but wanted to say that I hope to as much as I can. I’ve really been enjoying the experience.


  2. Thanks for the add! I’m adding you too! What is burningman? Is that your dog? I love him! sooooo cute!!

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