No time. Chicken with head cut off.

Hey.  Crazy day.  Not getting any saner.

Woke up.  Drank Coffee.  Went to spin for 80 minutes.

Went to bank, costco, smith’s, the bucks.

Now baking a Carrot Cake for boyfriend (ryan’s) step-mom’s birthday.

We are going to The DoDo ( Your menu suggestions are encouraged!!

Hope your weekend is off to a greeeat start!

Ciao fa now!


6 responses to “No time. Chicken with head cut off.

  1. Hello- Saw your post on KERF. When I go out for dinner as a celebration, the last thing I want is to pay way too much for an entree salad, because they usually disappoint. Just my opinion of course, but I would get either the honey baked salmon, shrimp gambari or the vegetarian saute. All sound yummy!

  2. Thanks Ellen! I was thinkin the shrimp gambari with veggies instead of pasta, or the vegetarian saute with some protein instead of pasta. I never seem to order anything just as it is on the menu…

  3. carrot cake is delisssssh! take a pic when you’ve finished!

  4. hey! what an awesome workout- i love spinning!!
    i would probably get the honey-glazed salmon (and eat half of it) with fruit instead of rice, or the blackened chicken salad with no oranges or cheese and dressing on the side.
    have fun tonight!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog, i love your writing style, can’t wait to read more! i hope your dinner is delicious tonight! have a great weekend!

  6. I realize that you would have already eaten dinner by now, but I just wanted to say that the Polenta Cakes and the Vegetarian Sauté sounds great on that menu!! 🙂

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